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winton place
youth center

Since 1983, Winton Place Youth Center has been a safe place, serving children who reside or attend school in the area. Children, ages 5-15, benefit from their after-school program, as well as special weekend and summer programming.

To fulfill its mission, WPYC takes a holistic approach to youth development. Their well established infrastructure allows WPYC to serve as a microcosm of our larger community, where social norms are modeled and taught.  WPYC provides a physically safe and emotionally secure environment that encourages students to develop attitudes and competencies that significantly reduce their risk of involvement in detrimental behaviors, such as bullying, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, gang membership, crime and violence.

Field trips, weekend and summer programming continue these efforts, while giving us additional opportunities to develop cultural awareness. Their program is rounded out with daily snacks, as well as structured games and free time on our brightly colored playground.

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