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Spring Grove Village is home to an abundance of green spaces and recreational areas.

Salway Rec Area & Playground

Softball and soccer fields with children's play area and fitness loop.

Spring Grove Village Pool at
Winton Commons Park

Shallow water pool with zero depth entrance.

Offers swim lesson program.

Mill Creek Greenway Trail

The Mill Creek Greenway is multi-objective, and incorporates the public process into all phases of its development and vision for a 28-mile long series of greenway trails; beginning in Butler County, traveling through the heart of the region to the confluence of Mill Creek and the mighty Ohio River.

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum is a historic garden cemetery and arboretum located at 4521 Spring Grove Avenue, CincinnatiOhio. It is the fourth largest cemetery in the United States and is recognized as a US National Historic Landmark.

What began as a 200-acre tract of farmland is now a unique 733-acre combination cemetery, park, outdoor museum, and arboretum that welcomes visitors and guests to experience over 44 miles of winding roads, 15 serene lakes, a 10-acre woodland preserve, and an amazing collection of architecture, sculpture, and horticulture. Spring Grove’s Arboretum boasts a remarkable 1,200 species with over 1,000 labeled for study and research purposes for universities, nurseries, and growers. 

The Space Walk

SPACE WALK is an after dark immersive visual art installation designed to convey the true scale of our solar system, both in terms of the size of the planets and their distances from the sun. Following a linear path spanning 3/4 of a mile and at a scale of 3.5 Billion:1, this walkable installation replicates the vastness of space in a tangible way.

Miniature planets are hand-painted in realistic detail with blacklight acrylic and lit with solar powered UV lights after dusk. 

SPACE WALK intends to be the most realistic to-scale outdoor model of our solar system in the world and lives along the Mill Greek Greenway path at Salway park, in Cincinnati, OH.

Hannaford Playground

A small hillside playground area on Mellwood Avenue, complete with picnic tables.

Spring Grove Village
Community Garden

The Spring Grove Village Community Garden is an important resource to the neighborhood, with over 20 gardeners growing wide variety of garden crops, from March through October every year. The garden was initiated in 1999, with help from the Civic Garden Center, and is now overseen by Mrs. Nannie Oliver, in cooperation with the Spring Grove Village Community Council. Gardeners share the fruits of their labor with neighbors, local churches, and at monthly community council meetings.

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