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reorient program

In 2015, the VDC focused their attention on one particular street in Spring Grove Village: Orient Avenue. Orient is one of the most visible streets in the neighborhood but had several abandoned and run-down houses that were preventing it from reaching its full potential. To respond to this issue, the VDC initiated the “ReOrient Program” by acquiring several properties needing extensive work and improving the health and appearance of the street one house at a time. The ReOrient Program involves a three-pronged approach for maximum impact:


Phase 1: Identify Orient houses in poor shape to acquire and rehab to sell to engaged home buyers.


Since the start of ReOrient program, three houses (623, 626, and 630) have been completely gutted, renovated, and sold to new SGV residents, resulting in a drastic improvement in the overall appearance of Orient Avenue.















Phase 2: Offer small short-term loans to Orient homeowners to help them improve the exterior of their properties. 

In July 2018, the VDC was awarded a $10,000 Neighborhood Growth Fund grant from Homebase (formerly the Community Development Corporations Association of Greater Cincinnati). With this grant, the VDC will work with Orient Avenue homeowners to improve the exterior facades of their homes and properties.


UPDATE: unfortunately, no Orient Avenue homeowners took advantage of this offer so all money was redirected to Phase 3 of the project.


Phase 3: Develop landscaping to unify the street and enhance its distinctive charm and character.

Phase 3 of the ReOrient project was completed on November 2, 2019. The landscaping at the end of Orient Avenue was improved tremendously.

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